Alex Wolcough

Founder & CEO, GreenBirch

Alex Wolcough is the Founder and CEO of GreenBirch Group. Combining decades of data experience and a deep knowledge of regulation in the financial markets, he leads a team of consultants that advise banks, buy-side firms, trading venues and vendors on how to use technology and data to both comply and compete better in the current environment.

Starting with TIBCO Finance in the 90’s, Alex has always stayed close to the technology but became more involved with regulation with the advent of MiFID I in the 2000s. With continued interest in both tech and regulation, he has become a knowledge base for MiFID II and its on-going evolution.

He is currently one of the Co-chairs of the Consolidated Tape Working Group at the FIX Trading Community as well as working on various other initiatives including Best Execution.
Alex also takes part in various industry initiatives in the capital through the work done by the Livery Companies in the City of London.

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