Bediss Cherif

Bediss has been leading Product at Kaiko since 2020. He started his career in trading technology for Interest rate and FX derivatives as a quant and front office consultant at Murex before moving to market infrastructure at Euronext. At the exchange, he led the overhaul of derivatives markets from 2016-2019. Bediss was entrusted to review the whole life-cycle from order entry to matching engine to market data to clearing, across lit markets and market making models and large-in-scale trading. From 2019 to 2020 Bediss initiated the transformation of non screen based exchange activities towards automation and platform based approach, paving the way to their digitization. Bediss joined Kaiko during its seed stage to accompany its scaling from a web enabled public data aggregator to a global financial markets data and information solutions provider, building from scratch a team now operating 4 business units and globally distributed across NYC, Paris, London and Singapore.

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