Georgia Dean

Product Manager, AI & Ontologies, Deontic Data

Georgia is a technical Product Manager at Deontic Data, focusing on AI development and ontology oversight. She is leading the effort to implement a data-driven AI solution that translates market data licenses into normalised formats with the dual objectives of enhancing the efficiency of human interpretation and supporting automated enforcement.

After receiving an economics degree from Colorado College, Georgia began her career at Barron’s, where she developed content for the Wealth and Asset Management team. Her interests shifted towards the intersection of technology and legal analysis when she joined the RegTech firm CUBE. In her role as a Product Owner, she explored how machine learning and graph data can aid in comprehending complex regulatory texts and improving the understanding of intricate legal frameworks.

To enhance her expertise, Georgia received a master’s degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence from Queen Mary University, London. During her studies, she focused on Natural Language Processing, using semantic capabilities to extract the underlying meanings in text and organizing this understanding into knowledge graphs.

In addition to her tech-focused endeavours, Georgia’s journey includes earning her pilot’s license and flying around the world with her father while contributing as a writer to Condé Nast Traveler.

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