Grethe Brown

In her first year as CEO, Grethe has overseen the realignment of our market strategy and a complete rebranding of the organisation from Push Technology to DiffusionData. She has re-energised the company’s enthusiasm for growth and success. One achievement of which she is most proud is to increase the staff retention rate from 8% to 39% – with some people who have left now returning to the company due to the increased morale. She is a strong believer that success depends on a positive company culture and the improvement at DiffusionData has been palpable. Not surprisingly, profits and revenue are up.

Grethe’s success at DiffusionData is based upon her finely honed-skills at building strong, effective operations and service delivery teams; through effective strategy, prioritisation and communication, working internally to put the customers first, improving results and stability with respect to growth, staffing, technology and operations. The results of her work include growing revenue 300% in 24 months for a FinTech company recently, and achieving application adoption of over 50,000 users generating £6 million in revenue at launch for another company. 

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