Jag Sidhu

Head of Market Data, Investec Bank

Jag Sidhu is a highly accomplished market data professional with extensive experience in the financial services industry. Currently serving as the Head of Market Data at Investec Bank, he leads a team responsible for data sourcing, infrastructure, license, and budget management. Collaborating closely with business heads to deliver cost-efficient, data-compliant solutions for banking, research, corporate broking, equities, and treasuries in the capital markets sector. In addition, he focuses on simplifying market data complexities for stakeholders, facilitating their understanding and engagement.

Beginning his career at IBM, Jag provided technical services to retail banks; he further enhanced his expertise by joining Santander, where he played a vital role in re-engineering and supporting the trade floor, gaining valuable insights into trading platforms, resiliency, network connectivity, business continuity, financial data, settlement systems, entitlement systems, and market data infrastructure.

Throughout his tenure at Investec, Jag has had the privilege of working in various departments, ranging from the Front Office to Technology and Operations. This cross-functional exposure has enabled him to develop a versatile skill set, transforming him into an effective business enabler. With a focus on cost optimisation and data governance, he is proficient in extracting value from existing licenses and pipelines while effectively managing risk. Notable achievements include successfully delivering system migrations, maintaining competitiveness through service displacement, implementing entitlement systems and centralising data costs. Furthermore, he has overseen internal data governance and cost optimisation projects, driving streamlined operations and improved efficiencies.

Jag’s extensive experience, technical proficiency, and deep industry knowledge position him as a trusted leader in market data. He continues to drive innovation and excellence within Investec Bank, shaping the market data strategy and delivering outstanding results.

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