Jane Hatterer

Principal, Digital Media Associates/Chair Education Committee, League of Women Voters of the City of NY

Jane has spent much of her career at the intersection of emerging technology, education, and public policy. With a background encompassing content development, licensing, regulation/legislation, and advocating for behavioral change, she has navigated the complex landscape of these interconnected fields. Her expertise extends to securing institutional buy-in, fostering consensus, and cultivating key partnerships, reflecting her enjoyment in nurturing teams.

The hallmark of Jane’s private consulting practice lies in new program/content development, policy impact, and legislative change. This expertise is rooted in her early experience as a programming executive and university head of online education, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the educational landscape.

In her role as the Chair of the Education Committee of the League of Women Voters, Jane has directed her focus towards youth civic engagement. She serves as an adult ally and mentor to a youth civics initiative, emphasizing civic education and advocating for media literacy in public schools across New York State. Over the past year, she has expanded her efforts to include AI literacy advocacy, actively working on the development of an AI in education resource repository for educators, students, and school administrators.

Jane’s belief in the transformative power of education, both inside and outside the classroom, is evident in her dedication to supporting young people. Particularly passionate about empowering those from underserved communities, she strives to help them discover personalized pathways to civic engagement.

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