Michele Sura

Michele Sura, Assistant Director of Digital Library and Data Licensing Service, Bank of Canada

Michele is the Assistant Director of the Bank of Canada’s Digital Library and Data Licensing Service. As a librarian, her professional work has focused on connecting internal clients to needed content. In her current role, Michele leads a team of data/information professionals responsible for the full spectrum of data/information services, including vendor relations, negotiating licensing / cost / content scope, metadata creation and maintenance, the Bank’s internal Data Catalogue, and coordinating Bank’s centralized data onboarding process. Michele and her team are responsible for directing the resolution of data licensing considerations for all market and alt data used within the Bank. In addition, Michele’s team manages the customized schema used to assign descriptive metadata to the data tables, charts, graphs, files, sets, bases and visualizations used within the Bank. When Michele is not occupied with data and library services, she can be found with her family in the garden, pool, walking or leisurely biking around her town.

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