Nicole Glueckert

Director of Social Media, Yes&

Nicole has had a fast-tracked and diverse career in social media, which began in-house at a Fortune 400 company, going from on-site site marketing coordination to a national role as Social Media Specialist at corporate headquarters in less than three years. In 2015, she moved to a Philadelphia-based agency role, overseeing social strategy for PR/Social clients and the agency itself. She spearheaded the quickly-growing social media team, carving out a strategic approach to the execution of strategic client consultations, community management, social content development, and paid media campaigns.

Today, at Yes&, Nicole is an expert in developing and communicating digital strategy. She ensures that every bit of social media content produced for either paid or organic campaigns is steeped in strategy and audience insights. Able to tie together teams from any discipline, her social media direction is crucial in creating cohesive campaign content. As the resident leader of social media content, Nicole assesses client needs and strategically unites other Yes&ers to bring together all of the necessary elements to deliver results to her clients.  

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