Rene Velasquez

Managing Partner, Valitera

Rene is a distinguished expert in carbon markets, renowned for his ability to deliver incisive insights and guidance within the complex environmental commodities sector.

His extensive international experience includes leadership roles at First Climate and Xpansiv, giving him a global perspective from his work across Sydney, New York, Berlin, and Singapore. This background has afforded Rene a deep understanding of the intricacies of the carbon market worldwide.

Currently, as Managing Partner at Valitera, Rene leads a firm that specializes in bespoke advisory services and trading solutions, to support clients on their journey to net zero.

Before founding Valitera, he was instrumental in shaping the market infrastructure as Head of Global Carbon Markets at CBL, part of Xpansiv. There, he initiated the first standardized carbon contracts—GEO, N-GEO, and C-GEO—on CBL’s spot market and CME Futures and played a crucial role in forming the Aviation Carbon Exchange (ACE) in partnership with IATA to centralize airline compliance with CORSIA.

Rene continues to influence the industry through the Carbon Exposure Project podcast, engaging with pioneers who are defining the future of carbon markets.

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