Robin Raskin

Robin Raskin is a long-time journalist, author, publisher, event producer and advocate for integrating technology into lifestyle. She was one of the early editors of PC Magazine, and one of the first women in technology publishing. Later she founded FamilyPC and helped to create Yahoo!Tech as well as other tech-forward publications. She’s the author of 6 books on kids and technology and appeared regularly on CBS and other networks.

In 2008 she founded Living in Digital Times (LIDT), the producers of a number of  notable conferences and expos at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) and at conferences and events worldwide. The company’s trademark events include: The Last Gadget Standing, Digital Health Summit, FashionWare, Fitness Tech Summit, Kids@Play Summit, High Tech Retailing, Wearable Tech Summit and others. Raskin successfully sold the company in January 2020 and continues to consult for CTA and other technology clients. Her newest endeavor, the Virtual Events Group, focuses on the newly empowered virtual events industry and how we’ll meet now and in the future. She writes a weekly column about the intersection of technology and the economy for Techonomy.

Raskin plays an active role in high-tech policy issues. She has served on the National Academy of Sciences committee to explore Internet Safety, is a Trustee of the CTA Foundation and is a director of the Global Industry Council founded under UNESCO. She won a lifetime achievement award from the CTA in 2020.


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