Sam Sundera

Head of Future Business, SIX Financial

Sam leads the Future Business team and Global Partner Practice at SIX – a leading financial markets, services and infrastructure company.

His areas of focus include Alternative data, Cloud, Advanced Analytics, Crypto, ESG and use of Big-Data platforms; innovating and collaborating with global technology partners to help build the capital market services and infrastructure for a digital future.

Sam started his international career operating at the intersection of banking, data, and technology working at early stage start-ups and then utilizing those entrepreneurial skills to accelerate growth within larger multi-national corporations.  

He represents SIX on the oversight committee for Omniex, a digital asset & crypto trading technology company, and often speaks as a subject matter expert on data science panels, podcasts, webinars and trade publications.

Sam holds a PGC in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Stanford University – California,  and a BSc (Hons) in Computer Studies from the University of Portsmouth.

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