Samantha Bowers

Executive Director, Market Data Services Engineering Lead, JPMorgan

Samantha is currently the Manager of the Market Data Services Engineering Team at JPMorgan.

2024 Objectives:
• Modernizing our MDS applications and infrastructure while delivering engineering excellence.
• Move to Product Operating Model – Empowering teams to discover, design and deliver great customer outcomes quickly and securely.
• Attracting and retaining technology talent with a high-performance learning and bar-raising culture.

In addition, Samantha is a well-regarded mentor and is keen to support the talent pipeline. For several years, she has been actively involved in groups whose focus is retaining and promoting women in technology, currently she is the CIB Technology Sponsor for the Global Technology Transformational Leadership Program for Women.

Samantha joined JPMorgan in Asset Management in 1999 as a professional, she has worked in various roles in the Market Data space for 27 years including Exchange Connectivity Lead, Control Lead, Compliance Lead, Project Manager and Analyst.
Samantha has previously worked at Credit Suisse, GCHQ, and the Government Chief Whip’s office.

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