Scott Fitzpatrick

Scott Fitzpatrick, CEO TRADITION SEF / Global Head, TraditionDATA

Scott Fitzpatrick joined Tradition NY in July 2012 as Managing Director of Strategy and Business Development. With the onset of new regulatory requirements, and the resulting set up and implementation of the Tradition SEF, he was appointed CEO of Tradition SEF in early 2014. Mr. Fitzpatrick is directly responsible for the development of Tradition’s SEF related business across all asset classes and has guided Tradition SEF to becoming one of the primary SEFs in today’s market. Mr. Fitzpatrick is a Board Member of the Wholesale Market Brokers Association Americas (WMBAA. Working closely with colleagues on the Board, the objective is to liaise with US and international regulators and industry working groups and associations helping them better understand the operational characteristics of the global OTC Swaps markets, with a particular focus on the role of intermediation venues and the formation, management and execution of market liquidity. Mr Fitzpatrick also serves on Traditions U.S. Management Committee and sits on various other Boards.

In addition to his responsibilities in the Regulatory field and with TraditionSEF, Scott is the Global Head of Tradition’s Market Data business. Responsible for the strategic direction of this business, Scott’s intent is to continue to have TraditionDATA seen as a leader in innovation by getting the most up-to-date data to market through a range of delivery channels, flexible pricing and granular packaging models ensuring that distribution of Tradition’s global OTC market data aligns with the growing demand from the consumer base.

Prior to joining Tradition SEF, Mr. Fitzpatrick spent 11 years with GFI Group (a global Inter dealer broker) in various roles including running the FENICS and Data businesses globally. Between 2008 and 2012, Mr. Fitzpatrick relocated to GFI London where he assumed the role of director of client relations with the added responsibility of Regulatory Affairs. During this period, he was an active member on the Board of the EU Wholesale Markets Broker Association (WMBA) and regularly attended meetings in Brussels with the EU Commission, Parliament and other EU Regulatory bodies.

 Mr. Fitzpatrick has a degree in computer studies from Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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