Shruti Thaker

Global Data Manager, Pendal Group

Shruti Thaker is the Global Data Manager for Pendal Group where she is working to develop and implement a new data strategy for the group. Ms Thaker has a long history in the finance sector, having previously headed up CRM and Corporate Access technologies for Citigroup Institutional Equities. Where Shruti created a new Corporate Access system and implementing many of the MiFID II changes required. While at Citigroup, she also lead a cross industry group of individuals in creating industry wide standards for MiFID II reporting.

Ms. Thaker’s latest role was at BlackRock, where she was head of Alpha Capture and vendor data for Active Equities, focusing on alternative data.

Outside of work, Shruti is on the board of directors for Grace Institute, a non-profit in New York which aims to improve the lives of women through training and job placements.

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