Stamos Fokianos

Managing Director, Head of Asia, Expand Research – a BCG company

Stamos is a seasoned veteran in banking and capital markets with over 30 years of experience.   He is currently an Executive Committee member of Expand Research globally and leads Expand Research in Asia.  Prior to Expand Research, he has held multiple senior positions as Global Head of Product, eChannels and eFICC at numerous global bank including but not limited to Credit Agricole, ICBC Standard, RBC, RBS and Standard Chartered. Stamos has also served as a Board Member in YieldBroker and Neptune, as well as contributing to the FinTech segment by being Head of Strategic Product Development at M-DAQ.  With his wealth of experience, on external fees, Stamos spearheads both the Asia business development benchmark offerings like Market Data and Brokerage Fee and leads Asian data product development in Market Data Catalogue and Taxonomy APIs.

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