Steve Moreton

With over 20 years’ experience in the capital markets. Steve is a trusted advisor to financial market data executives globally. Since 2000, Steve has worked major projects during his career, notably part of the original team who built the foundational nine global datacentres for what is today known as the LSEG RTMDS platform, which today operates in twenty-two geographical locations for over 870 firms.

Working at CJC from 2004, Steve has been a fundamental part of their global growth and recruitment and setup up their Hong Kong and Singapore divisions in 2010-11. Steve has been a key part of introducing new services and products to CJC Clients, such as Equinix / cloud based monitoring and managed services in 2013 and big data IT observability solutions in 2016. Steve continues to develop and innovate these solutions which in use at multiple tier one banks globally.

Steve is a keen technologist and industry participant. He has long advocated at industry events the use of cloud, open source and off the shelf technologies to provide standardised and economical solutions and stability to the capital markets. Steve views the current and upcoming capabilities of Virtual and augmented reality technologies, along with cloud and 5G smart cities and cloud will have equivalent impact to all industries as the internet or smart phones. Steve is working with CJC to implement these modern technologies for collaboration and innovation.

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