Tamara Singh

Sherpa, Sustainable Finance Development Network

Tamara works at all levels across industries to further enterprises through sustainable business practices.

While venture builder for a bulge bracket bank and SVP for a Sovereign Wealth Fund, she focused on designing and developing scalable solutions to better the financial system for all. Sherpa to APEC’s APFF Sustainable Finance Development Network, and formerly Ambassador for the G20’s SME Finance Forum, Tamara champions Corporate Transition towards attainment of the SDGs. As Sherpa for the Elevandi Insights Forum, Tamara drives rhetoric in Finance, Technology and Sustainability towards impactful action. Tamara holds Board positions with Advancement for Rural Kids, an award winning US 501 ( c) (3), amongst others. She coaches leaders of organisations navigating sustainability and scale, and is an Advisor to Equitech Collective, who provide impactful low cost technology solutions to frontier economies. In academia, she is a Fellow of ESSEC’s iMagination Center and a leadership coach at INSEAD.

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