Wendy Cobrda

Strategic Marketing Executive, Strategic Marketing Executive

Wendy Cobrda is a continuously evolving, innovative marketing technologist and entrepreneur. She has spent her career illuminating consumers’ preferences for products and services and making intelligence actionable with technology. She started her professional career in radio and performed as a traffic reporter in the New York metro area on Shadow Traffic while simultaneously learning media and market research. Over time, she morphed from on-air talent to target-marketing expert, honing skills at industry leaders focused on primary research, data enhancement, pattern recognition, spatial analysis, and segmentation.Wendy formed a boutique marketing consulting company, Catenate in 1997 with the mission of “linking data to decisions.” In 2007 she co-founded Earthsense, the largest syndicated consumer survey of its kind, which introduced the concept of a broader definition of green/eco-friendly products and services. She supervised the Insights team for the Gannett local news network. Then she joined the non-profit membership space, leading Marketing & Strategy at Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, launching GirlCratery – a subscription box service for young girls. Now, she is the Senior Director of Membership & Strategy at the American Animal Hospital Association. In this role, she’s leading the organization by standing up a new website and incorporating marketing automation tools into a new association management system. As a lifelong multiple pet parent, she’s passionate about elevating the message of accreditation to veterinary professionals and consumers.

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