UK Data Reforms Embody Authenticity, Leadership and Trust through the Power of Data

In September 2021, the UK requested public input on a series of “reforms to create an ambitious, pro-growth and innovation-friendly data protection regime that underpins the trustworthy use of data.” Overall, the proposed reforms would retain the spirit of the data privacy framework embedded in GDPR, while enabling more widespread use of data for public services and fostering positive societal benefits across the global data ecosystem. Focusing on enhancing data flows to unlock the potential to boost productivity and trade, the proposed reforms seem designed to support job growth and streamline business processes involving innovative data practices and improve data use in scientific research. 

SIIA supports the UK’s leadership’s efforts to strengthen data privacy frameworks, ease and streamline procedures for data processing, expand cross-border data flows to boost trade and build a risk-based approach to using artificial intelligence and automated decision making in a safe and effective manner.

Read and learn more about it here.

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