SIIA Statement on the American Data Protection and Privacy Act (ADPPA)

Today the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) issued this statement on the American Data Protection and Privacy Act (ADPPA). This statement can be attributed to SIIA President Jeff Joseph:

In advancing the American Data Protection and Privacy Act (ADPPA), the House Energy & Commerce Committee has taken a critical step forward towards comprehensive, uniform federal privacy legislation. This legislation will have enormous implications for individuals, U.S. commerce, the values underlying U.S. democracy, and U.S. global competitiveness. 

As the bill moves to the House floor, we encourage members to carefully consider the implications of key provisions of this legislation. The bill has moved swiftly and changed considerably during the markup process. We have concerns that the version that came out of Committee yesterday moves away from compromise positions in ways that would undermine consumer protection and lead to increased costs or reduced quality services for consumers and open the door to a greater, unworkable patchwork of U.S. privacy laws. A federal data privacy law must not replicate the mistakes we have seen states make in passing consumer privacy laws that are unclear and exacerbate, rather than mitigate, confusion about consumer protections and data rights. Therefore, key stakeholders across the business, civil society, consumer advocacy, and government and nonprofit communities need additional time to provide feedback and work with Committee members to get the bill to the right place.

We urge Congress to carefully consider additional feedback and a more robust approach, which will likely require more time before the bill goes to the House floor for consideration.

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