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SIIA Applauds appointment of Doreen Bogdan-Martin as Secretary-General of the ITU

This statement can be attributed to Paul Lekas, Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy, Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA).

“SIIA applauds the appointment of Doreen Bogdan-Martin to serve as the next Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). With her deep knowledge of the ITU along with her extensive experience in diplomacy and technology, Ms. Bogdan-Martin is extremely qualified to lead the ITU during these challenging times. She has the technical expertise and leadership skills that are essential for ensuring the future of the internet is safe, secure, open and accessible.”


Statement on NetChoice v. Paxton

Today the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) President Chris Mohr issued this statement.

“We are disappointed in Friday’s decision in NetChoice v. Paxton to uphold a Texas law that requires websites to carry speech that their owners do not agree with and which allows platforms to keep off all kinds of speech that is both extremely offensive and constitutionally protected. The Fifth Circuit has rewritten bedrock First Amendment law and we look forward to working with other groups to urge the Supreme Court to review this decision and reverse it.”

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SIIA Joins US Chamber and PhRMA in Amicus Brief to The Supreme Court

SIIA joins the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and PhRMA (the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) in an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court urging them to rein in class action lawsuits. SIIA, the Chamber and PhRMA have a strong interest in ensuring courts do not certify class actions that improperly include significant numbers of uninjured class members: a significant problem for SIIA members and others who face claims of intangible injury in privacy and other similar lawsuits. The brief asks the Court to clarify Rule 23’s requirements and direct lower courts to stop bending the rules in favor of class certification. Read the full brief here.

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SIIA Comments at the FTC’s Commercial Surveillance and Data Security Public Forum, September 8, 2022

Paul Lekas, SIIA Senior Vice President for Global Public Policy delivered these comments at the Federal Trade Commission’s Public Forum on Commercial Surveillance and Data Security Public Forum on September 8, 2022.

Chair Khan and members of the Commission, thank you for allowing me to speak today. My name is Paul Lekas and I head public policy at the Software and Information Industry Association. We are the principal trade association for those in the business of information, representing over 450 large and small publishers, platforms, analytics firms, education technology companies, and others.

We appreciate the Commission’s attention to consumer privacy and the security of consumer information and recognize the risks associated with its collection and usage. We have long advocated for a national data privacy standard as essential for US businesses and consumers, and for the United States as a global leader in digital democracy. We also support measures to protect student and children’s privacy and appreciate the Commission’s focus on this population.

As this rulemaking process unfolds, we urge members to reconsider its framing of this issue around “commercial surveillance”. As defined in the ANPR, this includes all “collection, aggregation, analysis, retention, transfer, or monetization of consumer data and the direct derivatives of that information.” This definition covers virtually all consumer activity as well as a large swath of commercial publishing in the United States today and, without tailoring, is too broad and ambiguous to provide meaningful guidance to consumers or businesses or to comport with the First Amendment.

The term mistakenly presumes that all such activities are inherently bad. Businesses use consumer data for many purposes that enhance consumer welfare and respond to consumer demands. This includes using data to improve the quality of services, protect against harmful content and security risks, and deliver personalized services that directly benefit consumers. The Commission must balance privacy rights, consumer needs, and safety, including the need to safeguard the public at large from fraud.

We commend the Commission on its recent actions to enforce rules against deceptive and unfair business practices while respecting undue burden on legitimate business activity. We look forward to engaging further with the Commission. Thank you.

B2B Media’s Premier Conference, The Business Information & Media Summit, Returns in February

For Immediate Release
SIIA Contact: Tony Silber, 

Washington, D.C. (September 7, 2022) – The AM&P Network today announced the 2023 return of its flagship event, the acclaimed AMPLIFY Business Information & Media Summit, which will be held on February 23-24 at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek in Orlando, Florida.

The recharged BIMS, whose heritage dates back decades, is widely viewed as the indispensable gathering for B2B media executives. The conference offers an unduplicated opportunity to reflect, renew, recalibrate and reinvigorate. It’s the ideal forum for networking with peers, making new connections, gaining new insights, and preparing to prosper in the months ahead.

“We’re delighted to be re-introducing this gold-standard event for B2B media in-person after three long years of pandemic,” said Chris Mohr, president of SIIA, the AM&P Network’s parent organization. “We have some the most sophisticated information companies in the world as members, and BIMS represents a unique opportunity for firms that are critical sources of business intelligence to come together and make an entire industry stronger.”

The conference will be held over a day and a half, with arrival on Wednesday, the 22nd, a full day of programming the next day, and a half day of programming on Friday, allowing attendees who opt to bring their families a chance to enjoy the weekend at Disney World.

“We’re mindful of the need for attendees to minimize out-of-office time,” AM&P Network Director of Programming and Content Tony Silber said. “That’s why we’ve designed the event to be valuable for both C-suite executives as well as their key operations personnel. Our general assemblies allow all attendees to learn from recognized leaders in their fields, and the breakout tracks permit specialists to take deeper dives into Executive Leadership, Revenue and Monetization, and Tech and Strategy.”

“We’ve created a program of extraordinary relevance to the senior management tier of B2B media based on our own experiences as media operators and in collaboration with a wide group of high-profile advisors,” Silber added.

In addition, the program provides a generous amount of time dedicated to direct interaction among buyers and sellers—our sponsors and attendees, noted Jen Smith, director of the Network’s Association Council. “We’ve struck the right balance between formal programming, networking, and less formal meetups and roundtables,” she said.

For more information on the conference and to register visit AMPLIFY BIMS 2023 or contact AM&P Network Director of Programming and Development Tony Silber.

About AM&P Network
SIIA’s Associations Media &Publishing Network, launched in 2021, has grown rapidly to include more than 250 members across the specialized publishing and information ecosystem, including multinational B2B publishing and information providers, specialized media publishers and association content and publishing specialists. The Network fosters collaboration, spurs innovative thinking, and builds community across this vast media landscape and produces the Jesse H. Neal Awards, a peer-reviewed program standing as the most prestigious editorial honors in the field of specialized journalism, the EXCEL Awards, the largest and most prestigious program recognizing excellence and leadership in association media, publishing, marketing and communications and the SIIA Impact Awards, celebrating emerging talent and diversity, equity and inclusion.