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Start the day off at breakfast with the most important B2B publishing network. 

Welcome remarks and conference kick off from:

Chris Mohr, President, SIIA

Tony Silber, Director of Programming and Development, SIIA Media

AM&P Network Benchmark Report on B2B Media Revenue and Cost Trends

To kick off the BIMS Summit,  MediaRadar’s CEO, Todd Krizelman will share an overview of B2B advertising in 2023. In this discussion, Todd will review recent ad sales trends in B2B Media, as well as, share some highlights that will help you target the right prospects and overcome key challenges within your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the insights you need to succeed in 2024.

As we move into 2024, join five media-company CEOs is a robust conversation about the state of the media landscape, the rise of AI, their priorities and the potential bumps in the road.

You’ll learn:

  • How CEOs are developing talent in non-traditional areas.
  • How the overall economic climate is affecting media companies’ plans.
  • Which technologies are most promising in 2024.
  • Events business characterisics for the next decade.


Heather Farley

Jennifer Litterick

Sean Griffey

Andy Clurman

Kevin Turpin

Media M&A 2024: A Review Of The Trends And Forecasting What’s Next

Some of B2B Media’s largest companies are owned by private equity firms, and many are near the end of their hold period. Are there buyers out there? Is there value in a new round of roll ups? What are sellers looking for? Join a panel of B2B media dealmakers to hear what’s driving buying and selling. You’ll learn:

  • Whether there are buyers for large B2B companies nearing the end of their PE hold periods.
  • Whether PE perceives value in continuing to scale.
  • Whether peak valuation for digital media assets has passed.
  • How PE is thinking about valuation of event companies in today’s market.


Wilma Jordan, Founder and CEO, North America JEGI CLARITY

+ Panel

Business of Home’s Unlikely Brand-Enhancement Allies

Recurrent Ventures publishes some of the most famous home-oriented consumer brands in the country: Dwell, Domino, Bob Vila. It also publishes Business Of Home. Hear how this B2B brand leverages its sibling consumer assets to dominate the supply chain. You’ll learn:

  • How to exploit overlaps in audience.
  • How to build ad campaigns across brands.
  • How shared market intelligence helps identify new opportunities in advertising and content.


Julia Noran Johnston, Founder, Business of Home


A Roadmap To Content Creation And Ethics In AI

Generative artificial intelligence has upended journalism, including in B2B. Editorial uses are proliferating as fast as content managers can dream them up, but teams are also struggling to establish guardrails. Join a discussion of what journalists are using AI for; how it shouldn’t be used; and how transparent they need to be with their audiences. You’ll learn:

  • The most common ways journalists use AI.
  • What they avoid.
  • The best approaches to transparency.
  • What should be covered under an ethics policy.


Mark Talkington, Founder, Palm Springs Post

Nancy Perry, Editor-in-Chief, Police1, Lexipol

Join us in the AMPLIFY Lounge for coffee and networking.

Enjoy this mid-day break, lunching with old and new friends.

The Founders: B2B Media’s Newest Entrepreneurs Share Their Startup Stories

We’ve put together a panel of some of the most successful and innovative B2B media entrepreneurs who share their perspectives on disruption, innovation, new opportunities, competition, and more. Sit in on an illuminating conversation with the people behind some of today’s smartest startups. You’ll learn:

  • How these founders came to B2B Media, and the opportunities they saw.
  • How their business plans varied from what actually happened.
  • How their business models diverge from the traditional B2B approach.
  • How they financed their startups.
  • Their biggest successes, and the things they’d do differently.


Philip Ideson, Founder, The Art of Procurement

Merry Eisner-Heidorn, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Publisher, RTO Insider LLC 

Arsalan Arif, Founder and Publisher, Endpoints News 

Dive in to an interactive discussion during a series of roundtables.

Using Content to Drive Commerce 

Craig Fuller, the founder of FreightWaves, learned the power of using industry-specific media to create top of funnel for a SaaS/data business serving the global supply chain industry. Now he’s taking the same approach in the $2.5 trillion aviation industry with FLYING Media. Over the past three years, FLYING has acquired 23 aviation brands and uses media to drive top-of-funnel to offer finance, insurance, e-commerce, data, and real estate, all under the FLYING brand. Here’s a model for virtually any B2B business. You’ll learn:  

  • How the content-to-commerce model works, and how it can be applied to any B2B media property.  
  • FLYING’s private-equity approach to media acquisitions, with a venture capital approach to commerce. 
  • How the FLYING team used a single magazine brand to create a platform for additional acquisitions and commerce incubation.  
  • How FLYING evaluates acquisitions, including underwriting and valuations and thoughts on audience expansion. 



Craig Fuller, CEO FreightWaves and Flying Media

Stop The Churn: 10 Ways To Create A Stable Recurring-Revenue Subscription Business

The most cost-efficient way to grow your subscription business is to lose fewer people at the bottom of the bucket. This starts with a loyal audience willing to pay for your content, and that, in turn, requires an elusive combination of contributions from all over the enterprise. You’ll learn:

  • The role of pricing strategies.
  • How the content mix that’s served to new subscribers can increase their engagement and define your brand.
  • How the subscription business powers advertising success.


Renee Jordan, CEO,Taunton

The future of Intent Data And ROI: Partnering To Deliver Qualified Leads To Customers

Sophisticated data-aggregation-and-analysis firms help media brands develop vital insights about their audiences, and then team up to produce highly qualified leads for marketers. Hear panelists from both sides describe the dynamics of these game-changing partnerships. You’ll learn:

  • Why to emphasize leads developed from your own first-party data.
  • How to work with data partners to extend your advertisers’ reach and increase the efficiency of your lead-gen programs.
  • Strategies for navigating the array of CRM tools and technologies.


Roberta Muller, SVP Product Development, Northstar Travel Group

Rhonda Wunderlin, SVP, Performance Marketing, Questex 

Has Informa Markets Successfully Cracked The Code On B2B Media Workforce Diversity? This Exec Says Yes

All media companies work to diversify their workforce, particularly with women and people of color in senior positions, but it can be a difficult process. Hear the specific initiatives Informa Markets used and the results they produced. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of proactive steps to expand the recruiting pool, and what they should include.
  • Creating incubation programs to support emerging design talent
  • The impact of a suddenly hostile stance political opposition to DEI.


Mike Sealy, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Informa Markets

The BIMS “License to Chill” Networking Party.

Registration opens at 7:00am. Stop by the registration desk for updates and  information. 

Coffee, croissants and conversation. Join friends and peers as we kick off the second full day of BIMS.

Welcome to the second full day of BIMS. 

B2B media has long been attractive to private-equity firms for its stability, its potential for rapid organic growth through new investment, its opportunities for growth through M&A, and the prospects for achieving organizational efficiencies. PE firms are helping evolve and transform business models to build market-leading companies that achieve maximum returns. Hear from three veteran media operators how to thrive in a PE partnership. You’ll learn:

  • How each CEO has engineered their models for growth and margins. 
  • How private equity firms assess value and establish priorities in a media company.
  • The characteristics of PE owners that operators look for.
  • The business-model characteristics that PE firms look for.


Scott Peters, Co Founder and Managing Partner, Growth Catalyst Partners

Tim Hartman, CEO, GovExec

Doug Manoni, CEO, CyberRisk Alliance

Overcoming Roadblocks To Innovation

Innovation is a challenging concept for media companies. It requires having the vision to reinvent, but also the discipline to establish goals, processes, and metrics for implementation. And it can’t be mere experimentation or innovating for the sake of innovating. Hear 12 ways to succeed in overcoming common roadblocks. You’ll learn:

  • Why innovation has to have a specific definition within the enterprise.
  • How panelists are turning a sometimes-elusive concept into tangible steps.
  • Why it requires a cultural shift that goes well beyond a new technology or tool.
  • Why it’s essential to start with an end in mind.
  • How being audience-led is vital.
  • Principles for an internal innovation framework.


Chris Ferrell, CEO, Endeavor Business Media

Dan Fink, Managing Director, Money-Media, Financial Times

Marshall Cooper, CEO, Chief Executive Group

Jason Young, CEO, Northstar Travel Group

WTWH Media Case Study: on acquisitions and integration

WTWH has grown into a rapid-growth private-equity backed enterprise whose two key acquisitions were among the only PE transactions in B2B in 2023. Hear from CEO Scott McCafferty and recently acquired Aging Media’s CEO, George Yedinak, about the deals, the integration, the strategy and the outlook. You’ll learn:

  • The genesis of the two acquisitions.
  • What’s next for WTWH.
  • Progress of the integration of the three formerly independent companies.
  • More about WTWH’s partnership with Mountaingate Capital.


Scott McCafferty, CEO, WTWH Media

George Yedinak, EVP Healthcare, Aging Media Network


Best-in-Class Content Marketing Capabilities that Maximize Client ROI 

Content marketing is a consistently popular and effective form of marketing that translates into opportunities for media brands. Sit in for the latest techniques, both for content creation and distribution. You’ll learn:

  • Actionable takeaways for building out your content-marketing offerings and effectively selling them.
  • The right approach: A specialized studio, or using external resources.
  • Where the distribution action is—online, social media, events, and more.


Jane Qin Medeiros, Head of Industry Dive’s studioID, Informa

David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer, NetLine

How (And Why) BNP Media Shifted During The Pandemic To An All-Digital Publishing Model

BNP Media, with more than 40 B2B media brands and 100 individual media properties, decided in 2020 to eliminate print across its portfolio. Print was about 40% of total revenue. It recently completed that transition, and here, Co-CEO Tagg Henderson takes us through the process and the lessons learned. You’ll learn:

  • The impact on overall revenue across the company.
  • How BNP expanded digital products in response.
  • How the pivot to digital affected audience size and insights.
  • BNP’s approach to internal training initiatives for the transition.


Tagg Henderson, C0-CEO, BNP Media

Take part in interactive roundtables on a variety of issues facing B2B publishing today.

Two decades of jarring change in media—print to digital, the emergence of mobile, search and social media—was often halting and flawed. Hear a panel of executives discuss avoiding past mistakes when it comes to AI. You’ll learn: 

  • The most common pitfalls common to each of these disruptions. 
  • The ways they’re unique. 
  • Whether AI is an existential threat. 
  • How to avoid the mistakes of prior disruptions when it comes to AI. 


Jim Spanfeller, CEO, G/O Media 


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