SIIA Provides Input on Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) to Inform Pre-Rulemaking Session

SIIA provided comments to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) on Developing a Report on Competition in the Mobile App Ecosystem. 

SIIA’s comments focus on 3 questions raised in the Request For Comment:

  1. How should we measure whether the app ecosystem is competitive?
  2. Are there any important and specific entities such that it would be a mistake to omit them by defining the “mobile app ecosystem” to focus on mobile devices?
  3. Are there generalizations that can be made based on cost, type of device, or category of phone users?

In addition to exploring antitrust and competitive issues, digital inequities and app store business models.

In today’s hyperconnected world, it is very difficult to get by, let alone thrive, without access to the internet. For a large group of people from lower income households, this means that they are totally dependent on their smartphones to do everyday things that most people use a computer or laptop for. For many adults, their smartphone is the only way they can apply for a job; many children in this cohort use smartphones to complete their homework, something that has been particularly prevalent during the pandemic. As the administration weighs whether to disrupt the configuration of the mobile app ecosystem as it exists, it will be important to be honest about the complex trade-offs that any future policy decisions will necessitate.

SIIA’s full comments can be read here.