SIIA Policy Members Make Commitments Ahead of the Summit for Democracy

The world of technology is constantly changing and evolving, and it’s essential that we have organizations committed to advancing responsible and ethical practices in this field. In the run-up to the Summit for Democracy, the U.S. government issued a Call to Advance Democracy.  The call focused on four areas aligned with the Presidential Initiative on Democratic Renewal:  advancing technology for democracy; fighting corruption; protecting civic space and human rights defenders; and advancing labor rights. Several of our members have made significant commitments:

  • Amazon, Refinitiv, and RELX will join the Global Initiative to Galvanize the Private Sector as Partners in Combating Corruption. This initiative aims to promote transparency and accountability and identify private sector practices to combat corruption. It is essential for major companies to take a stand against corruption and work towards creating a more ethical business environment.
  • Google committed $2 million and 100,000 security keys to support human rights defenders. The funds will go to support digital security and safety helplines. It is critical that companies like Google use their resources to support individuals and organizations working to advance human rights around the world.
  • Meta added a new feature to allow users to connect to WhatsApp’s IM and VOIP by proxy when the internet is disrupted or blocked. This feature ensures secure communications and protects the right to privacy of users. Meta’s commitment to expanding features that safeguard user privacy is commendable and essential in today’s digital landscape.

These developments highlight the importance of public-private partnerships in upholding democratic values and advancing responsible and ethical practices. The private sector has a critical role to play in creating a more just and equitable world, and it is assuring to see SIIA members take steps towards this goal.

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