SIIA Announces Chris Mohr will be Interim President

The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) Executive Committee of the Board of Directors announced today it has named SIIA Senior Vice President for Intellectual Property and General Counsel Chris Mohr Interim President of SIIA. The appointment follows the recent announcement of the departure of current SIIA President Jeff Joseph at the end of July to join a global communications firm.

“Chris’ experience with SIIA and knowledge of team members make him a superior choice for this role,” said SIIA Board Chair Steve Emmert, Senior Director, Government & Industry Affairs, RELX Group, Inc. “Chris has provided SIIA and our member organizations with eight years of outstanding service since first joining the association, developing and advocating for policy positions on key issues, ensuring good corporate governance, and advising on legal strategy. The Executive Committee extends our sincere congratulations to Chris on this new appointment. We are confident SIIA will continue its solid growth and strong history of providing outstanding value to our members under his leadership.”

Mohr joined SIIA in 2015 as Vice President for IP and General Counsel. Across his tenure with SIIA, he has developed policy positions and represented SIIA and its member organizations before Congress, state legislatures and federal agencies on issues of critical interest to the association and its members. Mohr created and leads SIIA’s Strategic Filing Program, designed to take a long-term approach to the organization’s policy goals in patent, copyright, privacy, tax, patent, and other areas, with particular focus on the federal appellate and Supreme Court docket. He also has coordinated closely across SIIA Divisions to provide counsel on legal, contractual and key policy issues.

In addition to these duties, Mohr has served as General Counsel to protect SIIA’s legal interests, ensure good corporate governance, and manage the organization’s legal matters and litigation strategy as needed. Mohr came to SIIA following eighteen years in private legal practice with the firm Meyer, Klipper & Mohr, PLLC where he represented his clients on a variety of issues including intellectual property, privacy, and constitutional rights.

“Under Jeff’s leadership, SIIA has developed an identity as the place for companies serious about the business of information.  We have a great team here and I look forward to continuing the work that he started,” stated Mohr.

Mohr will assume the Interim President role beginning Monday, August 1st and will continue until further notice.

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