SIIA Calls for President Biden to Present His American Innovation Strategy in Thursday’s State of the Union Speech

Washington, D.C. (March 4, 2024) – In advance of President Biden’s State of the Union speech on Thursday, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) today urged President Biden to deliver a vision that allows the American technology to continue to lead the world in innovation and creativity, and remain a powerful driver for the American economy.

The following can be attributed to Chris Mohr, President, SIIA.

“Policies that help foster competition, creativity and innovation will further allow the software and information industries to play an important role in tackling many important challenges facing our nation from consumer privacy to worrying national security threats – many of which we expect to hear President Biden address in Thursday’s speech.

“The United States’ information technology sector is the envy of the rest of the world.  For our country to maintain its digital leadership, it is essential that our elected officials seed the next generation of progress. President Biden should increase federal funding for STEM education and encourage passage of the bipartisan CREATE AI Act, which facilitates immediate progress in new technologies like artificial intelligence by increasing access to much-needed datasets for academics, nonprofits and startups.

“Technological progress depends on the development of sensible, risk-based and uniform rules of the road for the business of information. We urge the President to support a national privacy law: one that both protects consumers and our fundamental freedoms. Furthermore, as America continues to lead the way for advanced technologies like AI, it is essential that AI policy balances safeguarding against potential risks and fostering innovation and competition. By supporting transparency and accountability without hindering progress in the American tech sector, the United States can unlock the potential of AI to the benefit of American consumers, businesses, and industries.

“Collectively, as a nation, we are navigating the all-important challenge of ensuring our youngest Americans are safe online. President Biden should embrace a vision that helps keep kids both safe and connected. We urge President Biden to embrace a principled approach that prioritizes the privacy and safety of kids and empowers parents to be active participants in how their child operates online without fear of exploitation.

“By supporting an agenda that guards against potential risks without stifling technological development and progress, President Biden has an opportunity to provide a vision that encourages smart policies that will continue to unlock American innovation.”

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