SIIA Joins Multi-Org Letter to White House on Digital Identity in National Cyber Strategy

SIIA joins multi-organization letter that addresses the Biden-Harris Administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy, specifically focusing on the need to address digital identity challenges. The organizations commend the Administration for recognizing the importance of digital identity in combating identity-related cyber attacks. They emphasize that the current digital identity infrastructure has significant weaknesses that allow organized criminals and nation-states to exploit and steal billions of dollars. Identity theft is on the rise, with data breaches impacting millions of individuals and resulting in substantial financial losses. The letter highlights that neither the public nor private sector has been successful in solving this problem. The organizations propose three priorities for the implementation plan of the Strategy.
  • Launch a White House Task Force to accelerate the availability of tools that can guard against identity-related cybercrime.
  • Prioritize work at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on identity and attribute validation services – with a focus on developing a Digital Identity Framework of standards and best practices to help agencies at all levels of government establish attribute validation and other digital identity services in a way that is standardized, and sets a high bar for security, privacy, and equity
  • Launch an effort to document the ways that investments in digital identity infrastructure can generate budget savings.
By implementing the proposed priorities, the government can enhance cybersecurity, protect individuals from identity-related cybercrime, and create a more secure and efficient digital environment.

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