SIIA Opposition to Hawaii Senate Bill 2686: First Amendment Concerns and the Need for Privacy-Balanced Legislation

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) has submitted a written testimony expressing opposition to Hawaii Senate Bill 2686 (SB 2686) due to its perceived First Amendment shortcomings. Representing a diverse range of digital content providers, SIIA argues that the bill’s restrictions on the collection and dissemination of publicly available information (PAI) may infringe upon free speech rights. Drawing parallels with previous privacy legislation, SIIA contends that SB 2686 lacks necessary exemptions for vital functions such as legal compliance, fraud prevention, and regulated data. SIIA emphasizes the importance of balancing privacy protection with constitutionally guaranteed speech interests and offers further discussion on the matter. The testimony is signed by Anton van Seventer, Counsel for Privacy and Data Policy at SIIA. An oral testimony was given on.

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