SIIA Raises Concerns Regarding SB 104 – “Children’s Device Protection Act”

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and four undersigned organizations, appreciates efforts to protect children online but urges Governor Spencer J. Cox to veto SB 104, the “Children’s Device Protection Act.” SIIA argue that the bill’s requirement for a state-specific default filter is technologically infeasible and could lead to unattainable expectations regarding content blocking. The letter suggests that a risk-based approach focusing on tangible harm would be more effective. It emphasizes the existence of a competitive market for filter technologies and advocates for voluntary, opt-in filtering rather than mandatory defaults. The letter warns against the creation of regulatory confusion and liability concerns due to inconsistent state regulations. Instead, it recommends following the example of Florida’s HB 379, which focuses on comprehensive education on internet safety. Additionally, it suggests supporting online safety campaigns and exploring narrowly tailored, risk-based strategies for protecting children online.

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