SIIA Response to Ranking Member Cassidy RFI on AI

In response to Ranking Member Bill Cassidy, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) outlines its perspective on AI in education, health care, and labor:
  1. AI in Education: SIIA believes AI can enhance education by supporting teachers and personalizing learning.
  2. Government Roles: They advocate for an active federal role in AI regulation to avoid a patchwork of state laws.
  3. Best Practices and Standards: SIIA highlights the importance of AI risk management frameworks and voluntary codes of conduct.
  4. AI in the Classroom: They showcase AI’s potential for efficient assessment and reduced teacher workload.
  5. AI for Safety: SIIA mentions an AI solution for identifying self-harm behaviors to enhance school safety.
  6. Impact on Curriculum: AI influences what students should learn, emphasizing the need for digital and media literacy.
  7. Assessment and Teacher Interaction: AI improves assessment and provides more time for teachers.
  8. Trust and Responsible Development: Transparency and principles for responsible AI are crucial.
  9. Global Regulation: SIIA underscores the U.S. role in shaping global AI regulation.
  10. Anti-Discrimination Laws: Existing laws provide a foundation for AI accountability.

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