SIIA’s Endorsement of AB 2876 (Berman) – Integration of AI Literacy in California Education

The Software & Information Industry Association  (SIIA) joins 7 other organizations to endorse AB 2876 (Berman), supporting the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) literacy into California’s educational system. Recognizing AI’s transformative potential across various sectors, the bill aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, use, and critically assess AI technologies. Amid concerns and mixed sentiments regarding AI’s impact, fostering AI literacy becomes imperative to mitigate potential risks and harness its benefits responsibly. By incorporating AI literacy into existing curricula, the bill seeks to demystify AI, empower students to navigate AI-driven environments, and prepare them for future workforce demands. With the backing of various stakeholders, AB 2876 underscores the importance of AI literacy as a fundamental skill set alongside traditional academics.

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